Bhagamandala, Madikeri, Karnataka

Bhagamandala, Madikeri

Tourists who wish to check out the various places of worship in the south of India should definitely come and check out Bhagamandala, a popular pilgrimage destination as well as a great place to enjoy the picturesque natural beauty of this location as well. Bhagamandala is situated in the district of Kodagu in the state of Karnataka. Given the fact that this town is also the point where the Kaveri River is joined by two of its tributaries, which are the Kannike and the Sujyoti, also adds to its religious significance greatly. This place is also known for the large number of pilgrims who come here and then take a dip in this sacred confluence of rivers and then conducting the various rituals for their ancestors which are a part of their beliefs. There are a lot of other things for tourists to come here and enjoy as well including the festivities and the temples in this region.

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