Trekking, Kakkabe, Karnataka

Trekking, Kakkabe

Kakkabe is another one of the most popular trekking destinations among tourists who come to Coorg. Depending on their requirement, tourists can choose from a large variety of options when it comes to trekking. Tourists can choose from treks which are the equivalent of leisurely walks or treks which will be of medium difficulty. Care should be taken by visitors who are visiting during the monsoon season since this area is prone to infestation by parasites like leeches.

Tourists who are looking to challenge themselves can embark on a trek to the top of Thadiyendamol, the highest peak in the district. Tourists can also trek from the village of Chelavara which will take them through the beautiful Baliatra and Emmepare waterfalls, across the Thadiyendamol Peak to the Nalknad Palace and comes to an end at the Igguthappa Peak. Those who persevere long enough to make it to the top of these peaks will be rewarded by some of the most beautiful sights this location has to offer them.

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