Elephant Training Camp, Dubare, Karnataka

Elephant Training Camp, Dubare

One great place for tourists to come and check out, the Dubare Elephant Training Camp is a great way for these tourists to see an installation that is as unique as it gets. This training camp is basically a project which is being undertaken by Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd., as well as the Forest Department of the state of Karnataka. These organizations have facilitated the creation of this facility which oversees the training of Elephants under the expert care and guidance of well trained and fully qualified naturalists who are always present at hand in order to teach visitors more about these pachyderms, including details about their biology, the environment in which they can flourish as well as the history of this magnificent animals. Tourists are also encouraged to take part in a number of activities which involve these magnificent creatures. This makes the Dubare Elephant Training Camp an educational and entertaining tourist destination like none other.

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