Igguthappa Temple, Kakkabe, Karnataka

Igguthappa Temple, Kakkabe

The Paadi Igguthappa Temple was built in the year 1153 in Kakkabe in the Kodagu district of the state of Karnataka and is one of the most well known centers of worship in South India, as well as a popular tourist destination. This temple is situated in the middle of a densely forested area, at the top of a hill. This temple was first renovated in 1835 under the charge of Dewan Apparanda Bopu and then more recently in 2008 by the descendants of Bopu and other devotees. Tourists can visit this place to learn a great deal about the deity Paadi Igguthappa and his significance as a giver of bounty to his devotees in Kodagu. Tourists can also enjoy the harvest festival of Puthari which is held 90 days after the Onam celebrations and the annual prayer festival which is held in this temple every year in the month of March.

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