Varambetta Mosque, Kalpetta, Kerala

Varambetta Mosque, Kalpetta

Location: Majestically located in proximity of Padinjarathara, Varambetta Mosque is a prehistoric treasure of Kalpetta town. You can travel 15 km in south-east from Kalpetta to access this shrine.

Description: Dating back to 300 years, Varambetta Mosque is one of the most visited tourist spots in Wayanad. Despite of the fact that this is an Islamic shrine, it welcomes devotees irrespective of their religion and caste, thus uniting people of all beliefs together. People of all religions from all parts of the world visit and pay homage at this sacred shrine all through the year. Alike other mosques, prayers are offered to God five times in a day here. Islamic structures have always remained a matter of curiosity amid people, due their appealing designs and structures. This magnificent mosque is also well-known for its architecture among archaeologists and history buffs. You can explore this ancient mosque in Wayanad without any restrictions. By visiting this shrine, you can get a chance to admire its beauty as well as tranquility.

Activities: A famous festival is celebrated annually in the month of March in this mosque and people on large scale become a part of it. The beautifully decorated mosque offers a delightful view to the onlooker’s eyes, while its pious ambiance refreshes your mind and soul.

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