Koottamundu Glass Temple , Kalpetta, Kerala

Koottamundu Glass Temple , Kalpetta

Location: Abode of twenty third Tirthankara of Jainism, Koottamundu Glass Temple is a remarkable shrine located on a hill slope of Vellarimala and dedicated to Parsavnath Swami. You can reach this religious place by covering a distance of 20 km from Kalpetta.

Description: Nestled amidst Meppady’s woodlands, Koottamundu Glass Temple is an extraordinary temple, the interiors of which are adorned with numerous shimmering glass mirrors. Parsavnath Swami is the main deity worshipped in this shrine. He is believed to be the earliest Jain leader from the bygone era of 877-777 BCE. These glass mirrors reflect the idol of deities installed in the sanctum. This Jain shrine is a fine example of glass architecture in India. Thousands of people pay homage in this temple every year. This peaceful sacred place is considered best for mediation for religiously inclined and you will find eternal peace in the temple. Although you can visit many other Jain shrines in Wayanad, but Koottamundu Glass Temple is the only one of its kind.

Activities: Another trait that allures visitors towards this shrine is the adventure of trekking. Meppady forest range encompasses the hill region of Vellarimala, which is a perfect base for recreational activities. Trekking buffs should for sure add this destination to their itinerary of Wayanad.

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