Chain Tree, Kerala

Chain Tree

Location: While travelling to Wayanad, a large Ficus tree, famous as Chain Tree, is a well-known attraction that one must visit in Kerala.

Description: Chain Tree is linked with a local folklore. According to this, once a British officer asked for help from an Adivasi to cross a mountain terrain. While he was crossing this terrain, he explored Wayanad. The British officer did not want to share the credit of this discovery and thus killed the Adivasi boy. Due to sudden death, his soul did not get salvation. His soul terrified many visitors who came to this place in Wayanad. Thus, a priest chained his soul to this tree. It is believed that the soul still resides here. Since, the soul was tied to the tree by a chain, thus this tree is popular as Chain Tree. You can still see this tree enclosed with a strong chain. No matter whether it’s a truth or a myth, the tree and its location are very awe-inspiring. This tree is commonly referred to as Benjamin’s Fig or Weeping Fig. Not only humans but birds are also attracted towards this tree due to the small fruits it produces.

Activities: The Chain tree is very close to Vythiri, which is a worth visiting spot very famous for its wildlife sanctuary and wonderful forest resorts.

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