Begur Wildlife Sanctuary, Mananthavady, Kerala

Begur Wildlife Sanctuary, Mananthavady

Location: If you are seeking a destination which can offer an exciting wildlife adventure, then just travel 20 km from Wayanad to visit the famous Begur Wildlife Sanctuary in Mananthavady.

Description: Begur Wildlife Sanctuary is a haven for many creatures, including deer, tigers, elephants, leopards, boars and many more. Located in a picturesque region, the sanctuary here is amongst the most beautiful locales of Wayanad city. Looking at these wonderful creatures, roaming freely in natural habitat, you would surely like to capture their beauty in your cameras. It gives you a chance to interact with nature closely in this peaceful location. You will be surprised to see how these animals dwell in their habitats. Begur Wildlife Sanctuary is accessible, as it is located close to the railway station, as well as the Kozhikode International Airport. The moment you step in the land of Wayanad, it welcomes you with its wonders of wild animals and birdlife. One should once visit this sanctuary and view the awesome sights offered by these unusual creatures in this enchanting environment.

Activities: To explore the entire sanctuary, the best time would be from December to May when one can view the blend of most amazing flora and fauna in Wayanad.

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