Papanashini, Tholpetty, Kerala

Papanashini, Tholpetty

Location: One of the holiest rivers in Wayanad, Papanashini is located in Tholpetty, a spiritual place in Kerela.

Description: Papanashini stands for “decimating sins”. This holy river in Wayanad is believed to hold great powers to purify all sins of human beings. Behind its sacredness, there is a famous Hindu legend. According to Hindu Mahapurana, during sea churning, a pot of nectar appeared. Garuda, a large bird escaped with the pot so it can be saved from demons. At some point in his journey, drops of the nectar fell at Ujjain, Haridwar, Prayag and Nasik, which are very famous for Kumbh Mela. After a long flight, Garuda came to Thirunelly where Lord Brahma was creating an idol of Lord Vishnu. He took three rounds above that place and a drop of Amrit fell in the stream again. This sacred place is now popular as what people call Papanashini. That is how the water gained purity to wash away all sins of an individual. One should once pay homage at this place and take a dip while uttering the name of the almighty.

Activities: Tholpetty is abundant in flora and fauna. After paying homage at religious places, do visit the wildlife sanctuary here, where you can see distinct creatures dwelling around the lush green forests of Nilgiri Reserve.

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