Chethalayam Falls, Vaduvanchal, Kerala

Chethalayam Falls, Vaduvanchal

Location: Located far away from the bustling environs of cities, Chethalayam Falls is one of the most peaceful and calm sites, situated at a distance of just 37 km from Kalpetta.

Description: Waterfalls are always beautiful, but its location is what really adds spice to the splendor of a water body. In the same way, Chethalayam Falls form an astonishing vacation spot due to its tranquil and photogenic environs. When the sunshine falls on the crystal clear water of this waterfall, it appears like a sparkling gem amidst a crown. Pristine valley and lush landscapes on all sides of this waterfall allure tourists to capture this beauty forever in their cameras. This waterfall is an untouched paradise in Kerala, which you can visit and explore the eternal beauty of this place. If you love to see natural wonders, then this eye-catching waterfall should surely be on your must visit list while coming to Vaduvanchal.

Activities: Do carry some flavorsome delicacies with you as picnicking is an ideal way to spend time here amidst pristine nature. With no crowd or traffic, this place is a preserved serene spot of this region. After spending some memorable time here, do visit Cheengeru Mala and Phantom Rock, very popular attractions in Vaduvanchal, which are located close by.

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