Village Mosque, Andhra Pradesh

Village Mosque

Location: Located on Sivalayam Street, Village Mosque is truly an architectural gem of Puttaparthi in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Description: In the year 1978, Sathya Sai Baba showed his eternal love for Muslims by building the Village Mosque and thus stating his belief in the universal aspects of all religions.  He ordered villagers to excavate a place in Puttaparthi to build a mosque. At that time there was no other mosque and Muslims of Puttaparthi had to cover a long route to reach Bukkapatnam when they had to pray in a mosque. It is said that during excavation of the site, a metal plate was found which subsequently stopped the ailments and accidents that used to happen to Puttaparthi villagers. The metal plate called as “Yantram” had some inscriptions related to Islam. The mosque was then completed and consecrated in time for the Ramzan festival in August of same year. Visitors can see the metal plate in one of the shrines in Puttaparthi. The mosque built for Muslim devotees is charming, simple in design, but spacious. Devotees on a large scale come to visit the mosque throughout the year.

Activities: During a carnival, huge numbers of devotees every year carry the metal plate to the mosque with pomp and fervor.

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