Nasiyan Jain Temple (Red Temple), Rajasthan

Nasiyan Jain Temple (Red Temple)

The marvelous Nasiyan Jain Temple is also known as the Red Temple and is regarded as one of the major attractions of the city. The stunning architecture of this exquisite temple depicts the former times through Jain prospect.  Belonging to the Digamber sect, this temple was dedicated to Teerathankara who is regarded to be the first Jain.

The Nasiyan Jain Temple is a double storied complex in which a beautiful statuette of the universe adorns the first floor and the hall is decorated elaborately with different gemstones and also with gold plates and silver. This temple styled by Jain architecture is sure to impress the picnickers and devotees alike.

In the city of Ajmer, slight impact of Jainism even during the Mughal rule was seen and the high walls that surround the complex of the Jain Temples were built by keeping the style of designing a fort in mind.

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