Dargah Sharif, Rajasthan

Dargah Sharif

People following Islam consider Dargah Sharif, which is the mausoleum of Hazrat Khwaja Moin-Ud-Din Chisti, as the holiest place. Khawaja was famous as he was considered as the protector of poor people. It is a common belief that all your wishes will be fulfilled if you pray at Dargah with a clear conscience.

The fine architecture style of Mughal era that is seen in Dargah is an important aspect that attracts a large number of tourists. This famous Dargha was built over a long period of time that extends from the reign of ruler Humanyun till Emperor Shah Jahan occupied the throne.

This place can be entered from the Dargah bazaar which helps the visitors in reaching the inner courtyard. Two huge canisters that are used to cook sweets during special occasions adorn the courtyard. A large number of devotees following differentreligions come to visit this place to get their wishes fulfilled. The serene and tranquil ambiance of this place is ideal for a person to come in contact with his true self.

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