Ana Sagar, Rajasthan

Ana Sagar

By building a dam through the Lavanavri River, this artificial lake which is located to the north of the city was created. It was constructed in the 12th century by the then ruler Anaji Chauhan. Pavilions built with marble and beautiful parks surround this lake. An island is built in the middle that can be accessed by a motor boat.  

A lot of attractions are present around this lake. Some of these are Khobra Behroon temple, appealing Daulat baghs and various forts. This lake attracts a large number of tourists, as people can enjoy the calm and scenic ambiance with their friends or family.

Since ages this lake has remained as one of the major attractions that attract tourists from all over India. Therefore while on a trip to Ajmer never forget to visit the famous Ana Sagar Lake to experience its charm and magic as this lake remains one of the most beautiful places in Ajmer.

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