Taragarh Fort, Rajasthan

Taragarh Fort

The Taragarh Fort, also known as the Star Fort was constructed in 1354 AD and is regarded as one of the most impressive structures. Phuta Darwaza, Gagudi ki Phatakand, the Lakshmi Pol are the three gateways that lead to this fort which is situated on the Nagpahari hillside. These gateways are decorated with beautiful elephant carvings. This fort was well known for its tunnels that crisscross around the entire hillside. Kings and their deputies were able to reach a secure place through these tunnels, in case they were faced with any danger.

Some noteworthy places inside this fort are the Rani Mahal, the Miran Saheb ki Dargah and a colossal water tank. A person can get a glimpse of the Rajasthani architecture style in these beautiful monuments. This fort also provides a scenic view of the magnificent Aravalli hills and the valley. The fort looks splendid just after the sunset and the beautiful monuments inside the fort make the trip a worthy one.

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