Nagoba Mandir, Maharashtra

Nagoba Mandir

Nagoba Mandir is about 16kms from Alibag and a 20minutes walking distance from the Saswane Beach. The temple enshrines a beautiful idol of a hooded snake, who is the main deity worshiped here. It is believed that someone was once bitten by a snake and as soon as he was brought to this place the venom disappeared without any human intervention. Moreover, there is a samadhi of a great saint in its premises, who is believed to have divine powers.

Tourists from far across the world flock here throughout the year. They greet the god by ringing bells, which are hung in the temple in clusters. These bells are in a particular set of 4 or 6 or even 12, whereas there is only one cymbal within the mandir. It is said that once the wish is granted or fulfilled people return to this Mandir to ring the bells. The purity and serenity of the place makes it the most divine destination among tourists.

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