Jai Bhavani Temple, Maharashtra

Jai Bhavani Temple

The divine and furious deity Bhavani, besides identified as the ‘giver of life’, is considered to be symbol of strength. The Bhavani Temple was established in 12th century and dedicated to Hindu goddess Bhavani, which is adored for her fearless and daring qualities.

Situated at a height of 99 ft, on the top of a hill, the temple enshrines an idol of the deity seen holding weapons in her eight arms. It is believed that the deity slayed demon Mahishasura, in Mysore and is seen bearing his head around her neck. Due to this incident the festival of Dussehra came into being and is celebrated with full pomp and show all across the country.  

Devotees visit this holy shrine in huge numbers. For those who are religiously inclined, you can enjoy the early Morning Prayer which is a major attraction of this temple and lures huge influx of visitors throughout the year.

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