Kanakeshwar Forest, Maharashtra

Kanakeshwar Forest

With lush greenery and abundant dense woods, visiting Kanakeshwar forest is an exciting experience. Due to its intense greenery and depth, the region looks much darker even at day time.

This forest is home to various endangered animals. You can witness a large population of snakes, panthers, deer as well as wild leopards, which are considered to be the owners of this dense jungle. The utter silence and animals moving in forest area can be quite thrilling but the journey is absolutely enthralling. You can enjoy watching different birds, animals and some extinct species in its expanses.

Generally, tourists are not allowed to venture within the forest without permission, as they require to be permitted by the authorities. However, it is should be remembered that while travelling within the jungle you are on your own, as there are no jungle safaris or guides available at your service.

For nature enthusiasts and adventure lovers, this place is perfect for jungle excursions. Although the forest is intense and dark, which at times gives it a scary look, but the bright sunrays increase the magnetism of the woods.

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