Pushkarna Kund, Maharashtra

Pushkarna Kund

Pushkarna, an outsized circular shaped kund, placed right behind the famous Kanakeshwar Temple, is well-known as the Pushkarna Kund. Generally visitors are not allowed to visit the place on their own because of the mishaps that took place in the past years.

Here you can also visit a dense forest located in its surrounding area with dense and dark trees. It is common for venomous snakes and wild panthers to roam around freely here as they are believed to rule this jungle.

Though Pushkarna is not a prominent attraction among tourists, but the peculiar wild forsaken water tank has quite unexplained stories that encourage some unconventional tourists to hop in. Without having prior permission from the state and forest administration you cannot visit the place.

For nature enthusiasts this place is quite enthralling as they have a lot to explore in its surrounding region and dense forest. It is to be noted that there is no guide to assist you, nor a jungle safari to ensure a safe ride, so travelling here is at your own risk.

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