Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple, Maharashtra

Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple

The famous Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple is a beautiful Lord Shiva temple. Situated at a height of 900ft, on top of a hill, the temple is at a distance of about 13kms from the main city.

There are various eminent holy places in the vicinity of this city, but Kanakeshwar temple is considered to be the main shrine in Alibag. Devotees need to climb 5000 stairs to reach the temple, while passing by Balgiri, MohanGiri, Jambhali Plateau and many more routes during their journey. This might take around one to two hours to reach the main temple.

Once you reach the main shrine you can see a beautiful 54ft high skillfully designed statue of Lord Shiva. Another major attraction which is worth watching is the lion sculptured on its front gate, as well as amazingly designed 4ft. long 'Pindi', which is silver plated and makes you forget the exhaustion. Adding to its charm is the circular shaped Pushkarna Kund, located at the back of this temple but due to some past mishaps tourists are not allowed to visit the Kund.

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