Brahma Kund, Maharashtra

Brahma Kund

Situated on the top of a hill, Brahma Kund is about 20kms away from the main city. This beautiful piece of art is a rectangular shaped tank, with steps on its four sides.

The kund has a myth associated with it that tells about the time when Lord Brahma bathed lord Krishna and later collected that water to create this divine pool. Thus, in the year 1612 the kund was built, along with two other kunds in its premises namely, Brahma’s Pond and the Shiva pool. Besides, as you reach the temple you can witness a small sculpture, which is encoded with a title Mirchi Baba and a small but attractive Maruti Mandir.

The site is simply dramatic and one can indulge in photography to capture breathtaking views. Throughout the year the place receives a huge influx of people who come along with their families and friends to enlighten their soul in divine beauty and purity of this kund. 

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