Kolaba Fort, Maharashtra

Kolaba Fort

Kolaba Fort - an old armed reinforcement in India, also famous as Kulaba Fort, is a magnificent structure built on a rock island. Shivaji Maharaja laid its foundation 300 years ago.

The fort is positioned 2kms within the sea from the coast of Alibag. However, tourists are allowed to visit only when the tides are low. The major attraction of the fort is the Mahishasura and the Padmavathi shrines, along with deities of the fort. In the year 1759, a fine-looking Ganesh Temple was built in its premises opposite to the water tank.

The wide fortifications of the fort accompanied with 17 bastions and the Maha Darwaja are remarkably carved. In addition to this, there is another small entrance on its southern side and a teak-door which has brawny iron spikes driven in it. Inside you can witness a small fresh water tank, as well as various temples and figures of birds and animals namely peacock, elephants, tigers which can be seen on its doorway arch.

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