Ketty, Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Ketty, Coonoor

Location: A small village named Ketty lies in the proximity of Coonoor and is the most beautiful destination of this area. This village lies along the Coonoor-Ooty highway and en route to Ooty. 

Description: For several years, the region of Ketty has remained untouched. Not many people know about this beautiful destination that looks equally beautiful during the day time as well as during the night time. The beauty of the region is bound to mesmerize its visitors. The St. Michael Convent is the main attraction of this village. With its panoramic beauty, this convent attracts tourists towards this valley. With its green roof, this convent creates a picture perfect view. This convent is set amidst cabbage fields and has a huge statue of silver angel guiding it. This place is regarded as the second largest valley around the world. This village houses various tribes, which also include the Todas. In Ketty, the lifestyle of people revolves around cultivating vegetables and caring for their livestock.

Activities: Ketty is a popular destination among religiously inclined tourists, as this village houses three holy shrines, namely Mariamman temple, Subramaniar temple and the Ranganathar temple. A visit to these sacred shrines can calm a wanderer’s mind.

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