Houseboats, Kerala


One of the most popular ways to experience the beauty of this entire area is through boat cruising along the backwaters. The houseboats in Kerala are huge in size that can measure up to 80 feet length wise. These houseboats are used to sail through the backwaters of Kerala.

In earlier days, these boats were used to transport different types of goods from towns to various villages that lie in the interiors. But with the increase in number of roads and ferry services, they are now used for the sole purpose of boating. The houseboats are considered as the main attraction of Kerala and have undergone modifications to make them more suitable to the taste of tourists.

So now people can enjoy their holiday by cruising on the magnificent backwaters of Kerala in a comfortable houseboat. A leisurely cruise on the houseboat can be undertaken by the tourists to enjoy the beautiful backwaters of the area.

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