Pandavan Rock, Kerala

Pandavan Rock

Pandavan Rock is named after the pandavas of Mahabharata who during their exile time stayed in a cave here. Also known as the rock of the Pandavas, this spot makes an ideal place for picnic. Various mythological stories that have been mentioned in the Mahabharata are attached with this place. Therefore it is quite popular among people who have interest in knowing more about the history of our country.

Adventure loving people can visit this place, as you are required to climb to reach the rock’s top. The beautiful view of the surroundings is spectacular. The caves that were previously present have lost their original shape but huge rocks are still present. This place lies between the Arabian Sea on one side and backwater and freshwater rivers on the other side.

To enjoy the beauty of nature at its best, a visit to the Pandavas Rock is a must while on a trip to Alleppey as it offers a variety of splendid activities that can be enjoyed by the tourists.

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