Krishnapuram Palace, Kerala

Krishnapuram Palace

Krishnapuram Palace is regarded to be the residence of the royal lineage and is the best princely palace that has survived till date. This palace has 4 structures that are quadrangular and form four inner courts.

Built during the rule of Marthanda Varma, this double storied structure is crafted with traditional architectural features of Kerala. Corridors are narrowed, while the windows are dormer. The famous mural paintings make this palace look even more beautiful. The biggest mural painting, known as Gajendra moksham, is located here.

This palace also houses a museum where beautiful items, antique sculptures and exquisite paintings are displayed. Artifacts of the kingdom of Travancore are also present here. Kayamkilam Vaal which is a double edged sword is displayed in this museum. One of the four statues of Buddha that are found in the district of Alleppey is also on display in the courtyard of this palace.

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