Karumadi, Kerala


At a distance of three kilometers from Alleppey lies a small village known as Karumadi. This hamlet is famous for the eleventh century black granite statue of Buddha, which is known as Karumady Kuttan. It is believed that in the year 1965, Dalai Lama during one of his visits, worshiped here.

This statue is a remnant from the days when Buddhism was a popular religion. According to historians it was carved in the 9th or 10th century. The beauty of the Buddha statue has not changed over the time and still remains a popular tourist attraction. Another fact that makes it unusual is that its left hand is missing, which was believed to be destroyed by an elephant.

A large number of devotees and tourists come to visit this place every year which is now maintained by Archeological department. A person can certainly attain peace of mind on a visit to Karumadi.

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