Guernsey Tea Factory, Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Guernsey Tea Factory, Coonoor

Location: Guernsey Tea Factory is present in Ooty and can be accessed by the tourists easily to know the steps which are required for converting the tea leaves into tea. 

Description: At the Guernsey Tea Factory, travelers can enjoy a cup of freshly prepared tea to feel relaxed and while sipping the refreshing tea, tourists can take a tour of the factory. The fragrance of the freshly brewed tea leaves can captivate a person. Here you can closely see the entire processing of tea leaves. Thus it offers a highly enriching experience to the tourists of every age group. Coonoor being a hill station can be visited all around the year. Weather of this place remains within the comfortable ranges therefore a trip can be planned at any time of the year with family members or friends. The serene ambiance of this place gives the tourists a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Therefore plan a trip to this beautiful location and feel rejuvenated.

Activities: After visiting the Guernsey Tea Factory, travelers can also visit the nearby attractions. Nature lovers can visit the long wood forest while religiously inclined tourists can visit the temples to seek lord’s blessings.

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