Shopping, Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Shopping, Coonoor

Location: The town of Coonoor is lined by small shops that sell a number of items therefore offering visitors an exciting shopping experience.

Description: Shopping can any day lift a person’s mood. Some people indulge in shopping to feel relaxed while others get stressed out even the mere mention of this word. Whatever the case might be, indulging in shopping on a holiday trip is liked by everyone. Shopping in Coonoor can be an interesting experience as people have large amount of choices in front of them. Tourists can shop for Toda jewelry, marvelously embroidered shawls, painted suits and much more. Coonoor is also famous for its tea plantation; therefore various varieties of aromatic tea can also be purchased by the travelers. Aromatic oils, such as lavender oil, are known to have medicinal properties and thus can be easily purchased by the tourists from the city. People who love eating can buy honey of the highest quality at this place. Freshly baked cakes and homemade chocolates have also made this region popular amongst the travelers.

Activities: While in the city of Coonoor, apart from shopping of wonderful items ranging from clothes to jewelry, tourists can also visit a number of attractions which are present in the region.

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