Union Church, Tamil Nadu

Union Church

Location: Situated in Nilgiris district, Union Church is one of the old heritage buildings of Ooty.

Description: The Union Church is an evidence of the colonial past of Ooty. Though the church is very old, it still remains a charming attraction for tourists. It was built in the 19th century during British rule. Till date tourists from all around the world especially come to Ooty and visit this church to seek blessings from the almighty. The interior of the church is beautifully ornamented for an enchanting religious experience. From the stained glass windows to wooden pews, everything present in the church is worth admiring. Beautifully carved using colonial architecture style, the church gives a majestic and captivating look. It is believed to be one of the oldest landmarks of Nilgiris district. Union Church is a must visit place for spiritual people. The church is a significant place and welcomes everyone, irrespective of their religion. The highly revered church offers magnificent sights that you cannot miss while you are in Ooty. So visit the Union Church to experience the divine serenity of the site and lighten your mood by leaving all worries behind.

Activities: Union Church is a photographer’s paradise, as the magnificent structure of the church and its breathtaking surroundings attract numerous tourists and photographers from India and abroad.

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