Thomas Church, Tamil Nadu

Thomas Church

Location: Located amidst the eucalyptus groves, Thomas Church is one of the oldest landmarks of Ooty.

Description: Numerous colonial monuments of Ooty make it look like a recreation of Old England. If you are sightseeing in Ooty, then do not forget to visit the famous Thomas Church. Memorial of St. Thomas is a major attraction of The Thomas Church. Tourists can see a huge pillar crowned by a cross in the graveyard of the church. The pillar is ornamented on the grave of the Governor of Madras, William Patrick Adam. He passed away in Ooty in the year 1881. A famous Hollywood film, A Passage to India, was shot at this location in the year 1984. The scenic beauty of the Church will remind you about all the places from the movie scenes. That is why tourists cannot resist visiting this place. Large numbers of people throng this place just to get a sight of the church. Though the church is old, but it has still maintained its charm. The tranquil atmosphere of church is best for meditating.

Activities: You will hardly come across any church on lake side, which is as captivating as Thomas Church, which makes it unlike any other place in Ooty.  The compelling view of Ooty Lake from the Cathedral is best to enjoy during your visit to this place.

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