Sacred Heart Church, Tamil Nadu

Sacred Heart Church

Location: Sacred Heart Church is situated on Havelock Road that lies in Ooty, which is a hill station which is renowned for its scenic delights.

Description: In the year 1897, Rev. Fr. Foubert established the Sacred Heart Church which has gained immense popularity amongst the people belonging to Christianity. This church was regularly visited by the British rulers and Indians were not allowed inside the premises till British ruled the country. The main attractions of the sacred shrine, which are the bell towers, were constructed only after World War I. It was only after India got independence that this church was given the status of a diocesan cathedral in 1955. People who want to experience divine calmness can visit this church all around the year. With its brilliant architecture and gorgeous landscapes, this place attracts everybody’s attention. This church can be regarded as a perfect blend of beauty and peace.

Activities: Ooty houses a large number of churches, which marked the arrival of Christianity in the region. People belonging to different religions can visit this holy place in order to seek blessings from Jesus Christ. Therefore while on a trip to Ooty, remember to keep this attraction on your must visit list.

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