Uma Maheshwari Temple, Aihole, Karnataka

Uma Maheshwari Temple, Aihole

Uma Maheshwari Temple is regarded as the most outstanding temple at Aihole and this is the place where Lord Brahma resides. A part of Konthi group temple, it bears resemblance with other rock cut temples that are generally seen in the southern India. The main deities of this temple are either present in the linga form or are represented as wall carvings.

A picture of Lord Brahma seated on Lotus flower with a crossed leg is beautifully carved on the wall of this temple. The picture also includes a mala in one hand and a lota in the other hand. Several attendants are also present, who are offering their prayers to the Brahmadeva.

A visit to this temple helps a person in achieving peace of mind, as the calm ambiance of the temple relaxes you. Therefore, you must visit this temple to offer your prayers to Lord Brahma and seek his blessings.

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