Ramakrishna Mutt, Tamil Nadu

Ramakrishna Mutt

Location: Ramakrishna Mutt is located in the popular hill station of Ooty in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Being well connected by road, tourists can conveniently reach this destination.

Description: Holy temples, exciting adventure activities and scenic beauty is not all that defines Ooty, this hill station also has some peaceful mutts for those who wish to find their real self. Established by a disciple of Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Ramakrishnanada, in the year 1924, this mutt is decorated with lush green landscapes. The monks at this monastery are known as sannyasins and brahmacharis. The teachings of this monastery are based upon the fundamental truth. They spread awareness among people about the unity of mankind. The teachings include the truth of all religions and are more of a philosophy, rather than being a religion itself.

People who are looking forward to a spiritual experience can visit this mutt, which preaches the message of harmony and peace. 

Activities: At the mutt, a person can indulge in reading different books at the library, which has an amazing collection of books. Tourists can also take part in the daily pooja, which is held on a large scale. In addition, visitors can also become a part of the spiritual retreat.

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