Kwathi Gudi (Konthi Temple), Aihole, Karnataka

Kwathi Gudi (Konthi Temple), Aihole

Aihole lies in the north region of the state of Karnataka and is well known for housing the famous rock cut temples, which are located in a temple complex, making it one of the most visited tourist destination. The complex at Aihole is famously known as "cradle of Indian architecture" and includes a number of temples that are spread over different villages.

A group of three temples is named as Kwathi Gudi group and it includes Lad Khan temple, the Huchiappayyagudi temple and the Uma Maheshwari Temple. The Kwathi Gudi group is regarded as the sub type of the Aihole complex. A unique feature of the rock cut temple remains the presence of a linga in the temple.

Beautifully carved sculptures and exquisite paintings adorn the walls of these temples, where different deities are worshiped by a large number of devotees and tourists alike. A visit to these temples lets a person gain more knowledge about the history of this place and know about various stories related to these gods and goddesses.

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