Kasivisvesvara Temple, Pattadakal, Karnataka

Kasivisvesvara Temple, Pattadakal

Kasivisvesvara Temple is also known as Kashivishvanatha Temple and is present in Pattadakal. A large number of visitors and devotees visit this temple all around the year. Built in 8th century, this temple was the last monument to be built according to the early style of Chalukya architecture.

It is a temple that has two shrines, one of which faces east and is dedicated to Lord Shiva while the other faces west and is dedicated to god Surya. Three feet tall Linga that is regarded as the universal symbol of Lord Shiva stands in the sanctum. This temple showcases crisp and beautifully done stone work that was not seen earlier in any of the temples. Fine detailing of moldings and decoration are a feast to watch. The pillars that are present in the inner passages are adorned with beautiful female figures and the shafts of these pillars are rounded and well polished.

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