Jain Temple, Pattadakal, Karnataka

Jain Temple, Pattadakal

Located on the Pattadakal-Badami road, the Jain Temple was built according to Dravidian architectural style. This beautifully carved temple was built by either Ruler Amoghavarsha I or his son Krishna II. Dating back to 9th century, this temple constitutes marvelous sculptures and beautiful idols.

This structure consists of three storeys, out of which the lower two are still open for tourists. Travelers can view the hall, antechamber, a square shaped sanctum and a porch. Beautifully carved figures of elephants adorn the walls of the hall. Entrance of the hall is decorated with the help of purna ghatas. Devotees can also view massive pillars that are located inside the hall.

Therefore while on a trip to Badami, tourists should visit the Jain temple to pay homage while enjoying the beauty of this place. This temple offers an insight of Jain culture and their style of architecture.

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