Jain Meguti Temple, Aihole, Karnataka

Jain Meguti Temple, Aihole

Situated on a hill top, Jain Meguti Temple is a famous place that lies in the city of Aihole. A unique feature of this temple remains that it is the only dated monument the history of which can be traced back to 634 AD. It was built without using mortar and is placed on a raised platform.

This temple is not completely built but still it offers a glimpse of the Dravidian architectural style. Constructed under the supervision of commander and minister of Pulakesin II, Ravikeerti, this temple has accurate dates engraved on its outer walls.

Various stone inscriptions in Sanskrit language that tell about the achievements of different kings can be seen all over the place. A lot of additions have been done to the earlier structure in order to preserve its original shape. Lot of tourists visit this place to view its beauty, as surrounding hills increase its charm manyfold.

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