Huchappayyagudi, Aihole, Karnataka

Huchappayyagudi, Aihole

Huchappayyagudi temple is a famous temple that is located at Aihole. Dedicated to lord Shiva, this temple was constructed in the 8th century and is situated on the south side of Aihole fort. This temple has a curved tower over the shrine and consists of a sanctum, a hall and a mukha mantapa. The Chalukyan style of architecture is clearly reflected from the design of the Huchappayyagudi temple.  

The walls are exaggerated with elaborated and beautiful carvings and the ceiling boasts of an image of Nataraja. Magnificent carving of Narsimha, who is an incarnation of God Vishnu, adorns the exteriors of Huchappayyagudi Temple. Outstanding craftsmanship of various artists is reflected in the beautifully carved images that are present all around the temple. This temple should be on the must visit list of travelers who love photography and who are history buffs, as it has a lot to offer to such travelers.

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