Galaganath Temple, Pattadakal, Karnataka

Galaganath Temple, Pattadakal

Built around 750 AD in a small village known as Galaganatha that lies near Haveri, the Galaganath temple is a perfect example of the architectural style of Rekha Nagara Prasada. This temple was built during the ruling period of western Chalukyas.

Located along the river Tungabhadra, this temple consists of an enormous Shiva Linga kept in a closed hall. The temple also has a large hall and a pyramidal basement. Plain architectural decorations adorn the tower, while fine decorations are used to decorate the panels of the walls. A large number of niches are present inside the temple that house various sculptures which also include the figural sculpture of Lord Ganesha.

This temple is regarded as one of the most beautiful temples located in the state which are dedicated to Lord Shiva and is full of elaborated structures and beautiful carvings. Many writers and poets are inspired by the beauty of this temple.

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