Bhuthanatha Temple, Karnataka

Bhuthanatha Temple

Facing the Agastya Lake lays the two Bhuthanatha Temples. Early modes and phases of South Indian style of architecture are depicted in these temples, which are made up of sandstone. These temples sparkle in the afternoon with the gleaming rays of the sun and are dedicated God Shiva, who in the form of Soul God is present here.

The lake that lies underneath the caves is named after Bhuthanath Temples. Sculptures of various avatars of Lord Vishnu, as well as some Jain figures can be found on the boulders that are present in the backyard of the temples.

A large number of admirers of Lord Vishnu visit this temple all through the year to seek his blessings and to view the beautifully carved temples. The sculptures that are present inside the temple are a must watch for history lovers as they give an insight of the ancient architectural style.

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