Pattadakkal, Karnataka


Pattadakal is known as the world heritage site and has a massive area with many temples inside it. This place was specifically utilized for the coronation of the kings, consisting of a statement which the god of the place would be telling, but as the multifaceted survived today it is tricky to analyze how they actually used to do it because of the fact that all the temples are pretty closely knit to each other.

The place was certainly an experimental land for temple architecture, specifically the upper steps or the gumbaj of the temple. Out of the lot, few temples represent north Indian technique, like the ones situated in Orrisa and few of them showcasing the south Indian style, which were built by the Pallavs located in Tamil Nadu. So, a synthesis of both the forms of architecture can be seen here. There are also few of them styled by Chalukyas, which have paid a huge input to the world of temple architecture. Only one temple out of many, which is worshipped that is the virupaksha temple and rest are khandit or destroyed because of which they are not worshipped.

This complex is on the side of the river Malprabha, and you can see it from the Papanatha temple. This complex is a visual treat, and your camera would just love it. There are some other structures out of which one is Mahakoota, which is a hot water spring surrounded by a tank and also, it is bordered by Shivalingas. It is said that the sage Agastya used to live here and has its own sanctity. Another famous temple situated here is Banashankari temple and many more other temples can also be visited to witness the beauty of the architecture in olden times.

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