Durga Temple, Aihole, Karnataka

Durga Temple, Aihole

This temple was constructed between the 7th and the 8th century by the Chalukas Empire. The structural design of the temple is chiefly Dravida, integrated with Nagara style. The Durga Temple is measured as an exceptional and glorious temple of the Chalukyan era out of the many constructed temples. The derivation of the name of the temple is not the Durga goddess, instead a fortress which is an area bordering the temple or it was a fraction of fortification because of the Marathas. It is not acknowledged to which divinity the temple was devoted, as the demonstration of Vishnu is as plentiful as of Shiva.

The most unique characteristic of the temple is an epistle drawing up the boundaries of an ambulatory, roughly the temple itself and whose walls are enclosed with figurines of various gods or goddesses. Two staircases offer admission to the porch at the entrance of the temple. The sober and square pillars are themed with characters around the porch and the entrance to the epistle. The porch provides right of entry to rooms with pillars mukhamantapa and sabhamantapa to visit the spirit of the shrine, known as garbage griha.


The diagram of the temple is quadrilateral and apsidal. It implies that the corridor with pillars between the porch and the spirit of the shrine include the heart of the shrine and permit to perform the  ritual known, as in Hindus. The contour of the temple in the Indian form of art is known as Gajaprasta, which means the similarity to the backside of an elephant. This place offers an amazing experience for tourists, as the temple is a real heritage to visit and holds a special place among other all temples.

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