Muniswarar Temple, Tamil Nadu

Muniswarar Temple

Location: The ancient Muniswarar Temple is located on the hills of the beautiful region of Ooty.  This shrine is situated in the famous Bombay Castle Area and it is flocked by tourists and devotees alike all around the year.

Description: Muniswarar Temple is a wonderfully shrine which has been dedicated to Lord Muniswarar. Considered to be a form of Lord Shiva, Muniswarar is an important Hindu deity. People belonging to the Hindu community pay their respect at this place on different occasions. Various temples are present in the hill station of Ooty, which make it a must visit destination for the religiously inclined tourists. During different festive celebrations these temples are decorated beautifully with flowers and special poojas are carried out. Being a part of the pooja is considered to be auspicious, as it is believed that the wishes of the devotees are granted if they pray with clear conscience. Therefore if you are a strong follower of Lord Shiva, then a trip to this temple should remain on your must visit list of attractions.

Activities: After paying respect at the temple, tourists can take the parshad which is offered to everyone who visits the temple. Visitors can also indulge in savoring the taste of local delicacies which can be tried at various restaurants and eateries.

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