Kandal Cross, Tamil Nadu

Kandal Cross

Location: Kandal cross is a holy catholic church that has immensely increased the beauty of this region. This sacred church is located on the outskirts of the beautiful hill station of Ooty and is considered as a famous pilgrimage centre.

Description: People residing in the Nilgiri region visit this church very often. This holy shrine holds special importance among the people of this region as it is believed that people suffering from various illnesses can be cured by praying here. It is also believed by the natives that their wishes are granted after paying a visit to this holy church. The bronze crucifix that adorns the church has been imported from France. It was only in the year 1998 that this church was established as an individual parish by Dr. Antony Anandarayar. Every Friday, thousands of people light candles in the church so that their wishes can be granted. Every year on 3rd of May an annual feast is held in the premises of the church. Local residents as well as tourists become a part of this grand celebration.

Activities: After offering prayers at the church, tourists can visit other attractions that have made this hill station so popular. Travelers can also enjoy a lazy walk on the road amidst the serene and scenic surroundings.

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