Jain Temple, Tamil Nadu

Jain Temple

Location: The famous Jain Temple is situated on the Prithivi Raj road and can be accessed easily by the tourists. This shrine, which has long remained as an unexplored place, is fast gaining popularity amongst the pilgrims.

Description: The hill station of Ooty is quite famous among the religiously inclined tourists. Jain Temple in Ooty holds special relevance among the people belonging to Jain community. This temple was established in 1864 and is dedicated to Rishabhdeo ji, the first Jain Tirthankara. This beautifully carved temple was opened for public in 1895, many years after its construction. Hundreds of travelers and devotees throng this shrine throughout the year to pray here. Most of the devotees coming here belong to the Digamber sect of Jain; however everybody is allowed inside the temple. At this sacred shrine, some people can be seen offering prayers while others can be seen exploring the beautiful architecture of the temple. Therefore while on a vacation in Ooty, remember to visit the Jain temple to feel free from all the worldly worries.

Activities: After seeking blessings of the lord, tourists can visit the famous museum that lies in vicinity. If you are a nature lover, then a visit to the Ooty Botanical Garden is sure to leave you pleased and refreshed.

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