Upper Bhavani Lake, Tamil Nadu

Upper Bhavani Lake

Location: Among all the attractions of Ooty, Upper Bhavani Lake is one of the most beautiful and captivating destination. You just need to travel a distance of 60 km from Ooty to reach Upper Bhavani Lake.

Description: Lush green Nilgiri groves will add favor to your journey to Upper Bhavani. Upper Bhavani Lake is an artificial water body created by the dam which helps cultivation in the farmlands. Upper Bhavani Lake serves as the main entrance to view the flora and fauna of Blue Mountains, also referred to as Nilgiri hills. About 20 km away from Avalanche Lake and 10 km from Korajundah, Upper Bhavani Lake is a wonderful waterway. The lake never dries, so you can plan a trip to Ooty at anytime in the year. Every season is perfect to visit the lake, except monsoon season. There is something unique about Upper Bhavani Lake which is why it inspires people to visit this site again and again. Eco-tour buses and government jeeps are also available for wildlife safaris and to explore the surroundings of the lake.

Activities: You can take a walk along the lake and enjoy the beauty of its surroundings, renowned as Upper Bhavani Sanctuary.  Having a rich treasure of wildlife, Upper Bhavani Sanctuary offers views of rare species, including tigers, jackals, jungle cats, wild dogs, sambar, giant squirrels, Nilgiri langurs and leopards.

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