Sadar Manzil, Madhya Pradesh

Sadar Manzil

An elegant structure built adjacent to the princely enclave is the renowned Sadar Manzil. It is located in the Chowk Bazaar of main city. The complex has served as a courtroom of the royal Nawabs that ruled the city in earlier times.

This gracefully constructed structure of red bricks is built using fine carvings and architectural designs, thus depicting picturesque beauty and a flamboyant manifestation. Along with this the serene and tranquil regions around it make this place a paradise. Once you reach this place you can witness a former hall which is decorated with a fine wooden gate that leads you to the main entrance. Within its premises you can see a large court, a huge terraced balcony while its second floor has four domes on its corners. The ground floor has a couple of finely architected rooms.

A major attraction of this complex is the huge podium. It is believed that the ruler used to sit here during his conferences and meetings. The magnificence of the surroundings with lush greenery adds to its charm and attracts numerous visitors all through the year.

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