Moti Masjid, Madhya Pradesh

Moti Masjid

The city of splendid Mosques and monuments, Bhopal is an assortment of historical wonders located within its walls, among which Moti Masjid holds a special place in the hearts of people. Though a small shrine, the fine carvings and color of the Masjid make it a must visit place in Bhopal.

Sikander Begum laid its foundation in the year 1860 and it is known to be an important landmark for Muslims in the city. The fine structure of Moti Masjid is architecturally similar to Jama Masjid in Delhi and is a replication of the one inside Delhi’s Red Fort. Moreover, the use of white marbles on its facade and its giant towers built using dark red color with golden spikes give it an ethereal look, thus one cannot keep his eyes away from it.

This Masjid witnesses huge score of tourists coming from all across the country and due to its shimmering white fascia the mosque later came to be known as Pearl Mosque.

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