Gohar Mahal, Madhya Pradesh

Gohar Mahal

Situated along the banks of Upper Lake is the famous Gohar Mahal. Gohar Begum, the first women ruler of Bhopal laid the foundation of this beautiful complex in 1820, because of which the Mahal came to be known as Gohar Mahal.

Despite the fact that the Mahal is not well preserved and taken care of, it still manages to hold a special place on the travel map of Bhopal with its majestic look and great historical significance associated to it. It represents a perfect amalgamation of Hindu-Mughal architecture.

The impressive work of skilled craftsmen and astonishing carvings on doors and windows of this magnificent structure attract a lot of tourists from near and far. You can see huge scores of people, along with their families and friends, coming here to get pleasure from its interesting artwork and experience the tranquil exquisiteness of this place. Now days it is under the supervision of state government which is working on its decrepit condition, so as to preserve the original magnificence of the Mahal.

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